Computer aided 3-D modeling and 2-D drafting

3-D modeled Gazebo

With 3-D Modeling beams, columns and rafters can be precut using precise measurements provided in the details section of these prints.

gazebo rendered
gazebo front
gazebo front close
gazebo top
gazebo bracket top
gazebo bracket cross-section

3-D modeled triplex

Below is a modeled triplex. Everything is sized and scaled according to common sizes and client specifications. Included in this project are plumbing and electrical details with BIM calculations. Different views including plan view and elevation views have dimensioning and details which are not shown here to protect client and intellectual property.

Triplex Iso Southeast
Triplex Iso SoutWest
Triplex Rendered (No Roof)
Plumbing Details
Electrical Details
Triplex Rendered

3-D models for CNC or plastic printing

Proof of concept models including: 3-D Modeling problems 1-4, 3-D Modeled toilet (One of the hardest things to model) with rendered image and a details section.

Problem4 WireFrame
Problem4 Conceptual
Toilet Wireframe
Toilet Rendered

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